Wednesday, 12 November 2014

EmployWise - Rewriting the Hiring Story

HR Management Software
Present economic condition notwithstanding, India Inc has been on a hiring spree this year. According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, employers expect positive hiring activity in all seven industry sectors and all four regions even during the third quarter of 2013. The news should make anyone happy.
But not the HR team… That’s because for them it’s still like looking for a needle in the haystack. According to a report by Aspiring Minds, an employability solutions company, around 47 percent graduates in India are unemployable for any job. This means that out of nearly 50 lakh graduates every year in India, not even half are equipped with suitable employability skills. Like I said, HR  is not happy a lot these days.
Going beyond referrals and cover letters, companies have begun to lay more stress on the quality of hire. Infact some organizations have transformed the way they hire people. For a change I am not talking about the program but the process. Hiring still means you go through a hundred resumes to find the perfect ten who ‘could’ be the right candidates. The difference is that instead of calling them for an interview straightaway, you do an ‘online check’ on them through networking sites. You can know more about your potential hires online than through a face-to-face interview. According to the LinkedIn Recruiting Trends’ survey 2013, since 2011, there has been a 20 per cent increase in recruiters considering social and professional networks as a key source to find quality talent; at 41 percent in 2013 compared to 21 per cent in 2011.
Employee referrals have also gained traction in the last few years. Infact, one of India’s leading portal, integrates Facebook with recruitment, effectively allowing users to leverage their network on Facebook for either applying for a job, being referred to a job, referring a friend for a job. Employers can create a vacancy page on Facebook and access detailed Facebook information of all those who apply for such jobs.
Many companies have decided to spend on the employees’ training and development so that they can be groomed for the next level, thus eliminating the need for a new hire without risking the quality of work.
Assessment tools like problem solving methods, aptitude and personality tests have also become mandatory before interviews. These tools are supposed to give a better understanding on the employability of the employee.
Interviews are time-consuming and sometimes not enough time is spent with a potential employee to take a decision. Some IT companies in India have devised a solution for this too. They request candidates to send in their video in response to a given set of queries. This often results in quick decisions. 
Resumes, cover letters, referrals are not enough at times. Even online background check is incomplete if there is no online presence of the candidate. Simply put, any candidate who fulfills the organizational standard that describes satisfactory job performance is best suited for the job.
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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How HRIS Improves Performance Evaluation

HRIS Softwares
Performance evaluation has never attained a good reputation for being so critical. Employees are never satisfied with what they are told in their monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual performance feedback. One may have never wondered yet that there should be a software application to make this process pleasant. Fortunately, there exists a system that has made the performance evaluation process constructive and less critical.

HRIS Software Solution has improved the performance evaluation process in the following four ways:
  • Collaboration: Employee Management Software lets employees and managers collaborate during the process of performance evaluation.In this way, employees and managers can see at the same time what they have done so far, and can reach and agree at the true picture of their performance. Furthermore, the collaboration may be in the event delivering instructions. For instance, the manager may suggest some measures periodically knowing the weaknesses in employees’ performance so that the final evaluation process may bring in positive remarks.
  • Improved Organization of Performance Facts: SAAS HR Software ensures the recording of each and every aspect of the employees’ performance. So no fact, even a minor one, is hidden or neglected during the process of performance evaluation. Much improvement in tracking emails, work done and tasks performed timely, actually count at the time of performance evaluation.
  • Switch Negative feedback into Constructive: People are often unhappy when others judge their performance in their own way based on their personal opinion. When SAAS HRMS Software is used in the organization, employees and managers know equally well about the performance of the employee. Then there may be some suggestions, and words of advice to improve performance, which make feedback constructive. Besides, collaboration also helps in making feedback constructive.
  • Open Communication: Two way communication is possible only when the discussion is based on the facts and arguments, rather than the opinions formed on the basis of the sample. HRIS Software Solution provides entire information about the performance of the employees. Therefore, employees can make arguments about how the things happened that way. It is not possible when the managers simply state you have not performed so far without disclosing any facts or examples.Therefore, the advantages of two way communication for performance evaluation are also there only in the case of the SAAS HRM Software.
Besides this, there are several other ways as well, which improve performance evaluation process. Many software applications are also there in the market, which specifically focus your workforce for performance evaluation process and assist it, such as EmployWise.
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Monday, 10 November 2014

Five Reasons Why HRIS is So Popular Today

HR Management SoftwaresIt’s been several times discussed in international news, magazines and even in business journals that HR Management Software is the future of human resource management in business.For sure, it is so and therefore, a vast majority of people affirms this statement too; but what makes HRMS software so popular? Here are the five drivers that are the evidence of the popularity and growth of HR Software.
  1. Long Age: First of all, traditional human resource management was replaced by ERP programmes that provide nearly all features to support a vast organization’s business activity, including human resource. However, the increasing needs of the human resource, has led people to choose HRM Software. When we compare the age of HRM software with that of ERP programme we find that HRM software enjoys greater customer loyalty for longer period.
  2. Improved Interface with a Variety of Customization Options: One of the top roadblocksin adopting any new thing, especially in organizations is resistance to change. Organizations fear that the new software (while shifting from ERP to HR Software) will not be accepted by the workforce for being difficult to use.Considering this thing, nearly all HRIS Software developers have designed a very user-friendly interface with a wide variety of customization options. A perfect example of such improved software is EmployWise.
  3. No Up-gradation required: Another obstacle for organizations to adopt any new software solution is actually the hectic job of system up-gradation and conversion from previous to new software. However, this has been made much easier with a cloud HR solution. Organizations just need an internet connection to access allof their database of human resource. Therefore, HR Management Software has flourished much and earned much fame.
  4. AIO (All-in-One) HR System: Organizations always prefer a consolidated system performing all major functions instead of having many systems for each different function. So, another reason for the popularity and desirability of HRM Software is that it provides universe of features and HR functions. Consequently, the organizations are not required to choose separate software applications for HRIS, learning and recruitment.
  5. Talent Hunting: A new tendency has been noticed in various organizations about the usage of HRMS software that the organizational efficiency is not the primary concern, while most of the organizations prefer it for hunting and recruiting new and better talent. Because HR software assists organizations in hunting new and better talent, it is another reason why most organizations desire for a separate HR Software.
These are just a few reasons of popularity of HRM software. You may be able to understand the benefits and importance of HRMS Software the best when you use them yourself. So start using HR Software, such as EmployWise to explore more and more benefits associated with it.

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Employee Life-Cycle Management software

HR SoftwaresOverview of EmployWise

EmployWise is an award winning, integrated Employee Life-Cycle Management software with plug-play modules that cover every aspect of HR from recruitment to separation. Its wide and deep functionality built around Employee Self-service is refreshingly easy to use. EmployWise can be configured to meet your specific requirements and gets deployed in a snap. Available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) EmployWise is a very affordable, Zero CAPEX solution with the lowest cost of ownership.

EmployWise is HR software that is:
  • Feature Rich & Affordable
  • Zero-CAPEX - solution that requires no purchase of software or hardware
  • Self Service – Role based application.
  • User Friendly - For minimal training and high employee usage.
  • Modular – Covers the entire employee life-cycle from recruitment to separation, having eight different modules to choose from depending upon your requirements.
  • Web Based – You can access the application from anywhere any time, with 24x7 availability. 
  • 256 Bit SSL secure – For maintaining the highest level of data security, it is the same security that you have when you do internet banking.
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) delivery platform - It saves you from humongous IT infrastructure spending that is generally termed as the hidden cost
  • Charged – On the basis of Per User per Month Basis per Module

Key Features of EmployWise:
  • Highly Scalable with wide-and-deep functionality
  • Customization free speedy deployment and "build-as-you-go" m
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility with great usability
  • Lowest cost to acquire and lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Simple cost per employee per month SaaS model subscription.


EmployWise On-Demand delivers up to 60% of savings in TCO (total cost of ownership) model, when compared to any on-premise HRIS solutions on a 3-5 years basis.

EmployWise Benefits by:
  • Centralize your Employee Database for all location.
  • Can be integrated - with your existing Payroll, ERP and any Attendance Registering System (ARS) like swipe card, bio-metrics, and punch card machine
  • Save you 70% of time spent on administrative activities
  • Eliminate Duplicity of data
  • Reduce the Scope of Human Error and Pen & Paper activity

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Importance of Using SAAS HRMS Software

HRMS Softwares
These days, the success of every business is relying on the representatives which it recruits. As the employees are the bases of any business and they are able to fulfill the business's goal in the right way. The purpose of every single employee must meet to the ultimate goal of a business. All businesses use unique techniques for recruitment, but the powerful recruitment needs better strategy. The SAAS HR software helps the businesses to make remarkable and outstanding recruitment. These software are of great importance to hire such work force, which you need and those are proper to your diverse necessities. The SAAS HRMS software is profitable to use, as these offer loads of features and functionalities. These are important to all the businesses, irrespective of their size and scale.

SAAS HRM Software expands the business reach, as you have the ability to locate work force from all over the world. With such software solutions, each business has the ability to succeed in its objectives effectively. The SAAS HRMS Software is also lucrative to use, as these allow you to make recruitment throughout the world. SAAS here stands for Software as a Solution and it also fills in as an answer for the recruitment process. The recruitment is an ongoing process in every business and such tools help you for effective recruitment. Irrespective of your requirements and scale, this amazing tool is very helpful for recruitment purposes.

SAAS HRM Software allows the businesses to pick an expert and skilled work force from different applicants. In this way, the business has the ability to recruit workforce, according to their qualification. These HR Management Software work through internet only. Various companies may offer you the management of HRIS Software Solutions, but you can't try for anybody without proper counsel. Before selecting any company, ensure that it is using standard and advanced techniques for the recruitment. Also, you need to make sure that the SAAS HR Software is helpful and profitable for you and it has the capacity to provide you valuable output.

The HRIS Software Solutions are also known as the cloud recruitment software and online recruitment tool and so on. These are simple and easy to use and are cost effective, as contrast with the conventional ways of recruiting. So, it is always best to use the quality recruitment program. They also bring advancement into your business and such systems are totally capable to expand your business.
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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Managing your Human Resource System Efficiently with HRMS Software

HRMS Softwares
HRM software is focused around the idea that Humans are a central resource for every single company that demands proper management, keeping in mind the end goal to get the preferred outputs. The HR software pampers all your human resource management desires, by offering customized solutions for your wants. It fuses HR with IT. You can deal with your payrolls or keep up online records of your employees on these ERP systems. Somehow, this software gives you the assistance in the organizational work related to HR. Here we will discuss some important features of HRMS Software and the ways it deals with your work competently:

Effective Attendance and Leave Management: This useful software gives a powerful leave management framework. All complexities in regards to leaves are taken care with exact and precise details. Human Resource Management Software makes the management able to upload theholidays and also update it consistently. Similarly, it keeps an account of every single leave taken by a worker and the remaining staying in his record. This information is also made accessible to the employee to track their leaves and plan their holidays viably.

Generating HR Reports: The best thing about HR software is to generate the HR reports, which allows you to get the required reports from the data accessible. The main step includes selecting the paradigm needed for the report of some specific employee. After that, you can save and takea print for the parameters, at any time of your suitability. You can remove the information which is relevant to you and can make an overall report and keep it safe for future use. Also, you have the choice of limiting a specific report for a specific user group as per your choice.

Detailed Employee Information: The HRIS software serves as a catalog where all the vital information about an employee is shown at one spot. Every single information, from the address to the personal details, from the past job history to the late appraisals is kept and assessable to the employees. The information saves the irrelevant paper work and clerical efforts on some part of the HR staff.

Simplicity of Recruitment and Hiring: The HRMS software has facilitated the annoying recruitment process. The module on recruitment spreads everything from the screening to the candidate selection. Also, it alarms the representatives about the current openings and vacancies inside the company.

If you are running your company and feels worried about these issues, you can identify all your requests and modify plans and modules that are provided to you in this Human resource management software, to minimize your work and make everything organized.
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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

HRMS Software


EmployWise employee information system is driven by commitment to customers, a passion for excellence, and a thirst for the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Employee Self Service Management
  • Exit Management & Separation Management - Full And Final Settlement
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Shifts Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Training Management
  • Travel & Expense Management


Our technologies help our customers leverage their human capital to achieve better business results. We believe that businesses gain strategic competitive advantage through lasting relationships with their employees and customers.

We are driven by our commitment to our customers, a passion for excellence, and a thirst for the entrepreneurial spirit. We have been honored with awards for our innovations. Our team strives to maintain highest standards of integrity and ethical business practices. At the same time, individual determination for quality, learning, and growth helps us exceed expectations.

Our HR software applications are web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, which is most cost effective and saves time for small and medium size businesses. Through EmployWise, we enable human resource departments to be more productive by streamlining and automating HR processes. Through Smiles CRM, we enable customer relationship centers to be more efficient, bringing front office functions and customer interaction points under one system.

  • Employee Data
  • Hiring
  • Leave
  • Attendance
  • Timesheet
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Travel
  • Expense Management
  • Appraisal
  • Performance Management
  • Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Separations
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

The perks of SAAS HR Software for your organization

SaaS HR SoftwareHuman Resource Department is an important pillar of any enterprise. Ranging from the structure of your business to the competent recruitment all vital operations are undertaken by HR. Productivity of an organization mainly depends on the efficiency of HR department. Innovation in IT industry has led to the development of unique and cool software solutions that are helping businesses to enhance their expertise.

Human Resource Management Software by EmployWise is for all sorts of enterprises to organize different HR tasks accurately and quickly. Attendance, leave schedules, salary slips and medical allowances’ procedures take heck of time and there is always a chance of an error that results in a strained relationship between the employee and employer. The software is an astute way of handling important employee data. It also saves you time.

A lot of companies are employing SAAS HR Software because using software as a service has its perks. Though it is being debated that the service providers charge more than the cloud based system but this software is user friendly and gets installed easily. Finding the right kind of resources gets quite tricky for the HR department but with HR software you get a list of skilled candidates and hence making a decision becomes a lot easier.

SAAS HRM Software by EmployWise is commendable for its utility for speeding up the payroll, leave and related procedures. The software gets upgraded by the service provider, so you can enjoy the unique features as well. Another advantage of HRM Software is that it ensures transparency regarding leaves and salary processing. This software features latest technology and analytics to get you hundred percent credible results.

Keeping a track record of expenses is puzzling especially when you have a greater number of employees working under you. EmployWise has made it convenient for you with SAAS HRMS Software. Now with a few clicks, youcan have a glance at the amount of money spent for different jobs and hence reimbursement won’t take days.

An enterprise needs to have an efficient employee appraisal procedure. If you want your valuable resources to stay with you; an evaluation system based on merit and precision is fundamental for your organization. HRIS Software solutions help you gauging the performance of your employees with utmost expediency hence awarding bonuses and raises gets lot simpler. Expedite your HR activities with EmployWise!

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A smart and competent way to organize HR Functions

HR SoftwaresThere were times when Human Resource department of an organization had tons of files and papers, managing employee record used to be so tedious and complicated. Enterprises had to hire skilled staff for systematically arranging all the data.

Paper-based procedures were never reliable and often led to miscalculations. With the recent bloom of IT industry, you now have smart software solutions to save yourself time, money and trouble. HR Management Software allows you to have a well-organized HR department. Customization of this software can give your company an edge as you can manage employee assets according to your particular requirements.

EmployWise strives to offer you reliable HR Software solutions, so that you can expediently run your organization’s HR functions. This software helps you to monitor payroll, leave and attendance schedules without any hassle.

The most challenging task for the HR Department is to recruit valuable resources for an organization. Going through dozens of resumes gets quite troubling at times and sometimes a worthy candidate is missed out because of poor time and task management. HR Management Software by EmployWise enhances the efficiency of your recruiting process by filtering the most suitable applicants by credible comparison.

Our HRMS Software has been designed by professionals to cater to the contemporary HR needs. Whether it is the processing of payroll/salary slips or tracking leave and attendance logs, this software will give you access to all the vital information in minimal time. All kinds of businesses can benefit from it as it is easy to use, affordable and time efficient.

HRIS Software aids you in handling your resources effectively. If your company has a huge Human Resource Department and getting things done is still an issue, switch to HRM Software solutions. The software is commendable for its prospects in areas like IT, accounts and recruitment.

Evaluating an employee’s performance is very time taking, you have to be very careful about the overall review. Now you can easily administer bonus and benefit procedures with HR Software.

Employee retention is a huge concern these days as a good resource is hard to find. It gets easy to retain employees if you have reliable HR processing. Human Resource Management solutions provide you accurate data and hence appraisal and increment processes get more transparent. This augments an organization’s relationship with the employees and benefit in the long run to attain corporate goals.
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Convenient Way to Speed Up HR Operations

HR Management SoftwareHuman resource department of an organization is a department which needs to perform activities related to their staff and employees which are often very time taking. Thus, there is a big hurdle of time management. You may try several short methods to get the work done in the administration department, especially in HR, there is still a slow performance. It is because of the nature of the work. The work in an HR department naturally requires time. However, it has now become possible to speed up your HR department conveniently. All because of EmployWise, which is a very wise Human Resource Management Software.

Let’s discuss what is there for you in EmployWise and how it is helpful for you to conveniently speed up HR operations:

Entire Employees Data at One Click: If you have faced the problem of obtaining data about employees, you may have a good idea how much difficult it is to manage and obtain the information about the employees. EmployWise is an HRIS Software Solution. It is a complete information system of employees and the HR department. You can obtain data about any employee with one click. Such convenience is possible nowhere but in EmployWise.

Recruitment Services: One of the most time taking tasks in human resource department is recruiting new employees. EmployWise makes it much simpler and convenient. You need not to obtain applications from candidates and short list them manually. You only need to do is to choose EmployWise. The rest is left to it. EmployWise allows candidates to directly submit job applications to its database. It smartly manages information and present it to you in a convenient way. You can then shortlist candidates by whatever criteria you want.

Performance Management: An SAAS Software, EmployWise also manages the performance record of your employees. It keeps a comprehensive track of your employees’ performance. Thus, it enables you to view the employees’ entire performance and make different important tasks, such as performance appraisal.

Payroll Management: Sounds strange, but yes, it is possible for you to manage the payroll services of your entire staff. The smart database of EmployWise SAAS HRM Software, enables you to manage precisely and conveniently the payroll.

These are only a few major tasks that EmployWise does. There are many other HR functions too, which can be done with extreme convenience by the very smart and useful SAAS HRMS Software EmployWise.
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